1 May 2010

Un Autre Jour, Un Autre Marché - { Another Day, Another Market }

My little family and I spent a delightful evening last night at the Brisstyle Indie Twighlight Markets . Chinese lanterns, gorgeous handmade goodies, jazz band playing....a now running poppet high as a kite on choccie milkshake trying to escape into the crowd. Happy times! I finally got to meet the beautiful Melinda from Moose & Bird . She makes the most exquisite home wares, pincushions and dolls and every time I walk past my newly titivated lounge I can't help but smile at my cushions...especially the pear. Everything is handcrafted and so unique! Such a wonderful creative soul. I've definitely found a kindred spirit there!

And another kindred spirit who's work Bijou and I can't get enough of...the lovely Melinda from Retro Bird . The pink clad Miss Rosie now takes poppet's collection of Retro Bird dollies to five! They are so beautifully handmade with such care and attention to detail. And they stand up to the most rigorous loving! Melinda's children's clothes and jewelry are lovely too but there were too many savvy shoppers hovering around her racks for me to get a good chance to look. There's always next time.

Although the real things scare me senseless (remember the lorikeets!) I have rather a soft spot for bird ornaments and jewelry so this beautiful little Sybella swallow brooch caught my eye. He simply flew into my bag...what is a girl to do!

The lovely Lisa from Cute as Buttons was another bloggy friend who finally has a face to her name. She makes the most beautiful appliquéd clothing, towels, washers, and bibs. Poppet needs a few new t-shirts so a butterfly was chosen. Lisa even popped a little yo-yo clip into the bag. Thanks a bunch Lisa!!

And finally, my beloved postie delivered these beauties on Friday! Doilies in the most delectable hues and little vintage chenille embellishments from sweet vintage . Can't wait to find just the right project to use them on!

A mild Autumn night at the markets, coffee with my man and my girl, and a flit around Sportsgirl without a pram! Could it get any better than this? Poppet home, bathed and in bed by 7:30, cup of tea in my eagerly waiting hands by 8:00 and my knitting needles clacking by 8:15. Yes, it surely did!


  1. Sounds like you are already having the most wonderful weekend. You certainly scored some fabulous goodies at the market. I hope the rest of the weekend is as fun and I LOVE your toadstool from the last post. It really is brilliant.

  2. Hi Steph, It was so so lovely to finally meet you last night and I can't thank you enough for supporting my little moose & bird venture. Now when I read all of your wonderful stories I will be able to put a face to them too.
    I love your other purchases. I bought my first Retro Bird doll (for my MUM) last night and I absolutely love your brooch. Although I'm not into owning a real bird I do fancy a little bit of bird related jewellery/ornaments. Hope to see you again soon-maybe in the BrisStyle co-op :). Have a lovely day. xo

  3. oohh, how much fun can one girl have!!
    gorgeous treasures. twilight market sounds like fun.
    it's always great meeting people face to face, such a great community feel to the whole blogworld, ahhhh

  4. Looks like you had a blissful evening! :)

  5. It all sounds absolutely ideal Steph! A wonderful time you obviously had, lucky you, and such gorgeous goodies too. What a beautiful dolly.
    Thanks for leaving your lovely comment and I'm feeling much more vim-ed and vigour-ed now. :)

  6. You bought some lovely goodies at the market Steph! I really wanted to go to the markets last night too but just didn't get there. Next time I'll have to try harder so I can pick up some lovely creations for presents. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.xo

  7. You had me at the pear and then I kept going what wonderful wonderful things...that shirt for your princes!
    I want to shop with you. You have amazing taste!

  8. You lucky ducky! Those are great purchases.I am determined to make the next markets. xxNick

  9. Sounds like a perfect trip out! And I love the pear!!


  10. what a wonderful evening, and such lovely purcahses too! sounds like the perfect way to spend a night :)

  11. All so delightful, posts like this make me so excited about moving to Brisbane, yippee!! Love Posie

  12. oh - i love what you got!!

    I have to admit that there was soooo much more that I wanted to get:
    Some beautiful dresses,
    the pottery,
    hair clips,
    altered art.... *SIGH*

    I will HAVE to get a pear at the next market - I'll make sure I'm in Brisbane at a reasonable time to get to the markets!!

    Glad you like the brooches I got... have been trying to wear at least one since i got them!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  13. Hi Steph
    Thanks so much for including your sybella brooch in your most beautiful blog ... I could spend hours on here! I am also loving your new post about your stunning vintage clutches xx
    B x

  14. oh what a fabulous haul! I am going to the mother and child market tomorrow, will have to be on the look out for that brooch!


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