10 May 2010

Chanel - { No explanation needed }

The first perfume I ever purchased for myself was Chanel No. 5. I believe I was working casually in the Kmart shoe department while studying at uni. From dunlop volleys, double plugger thongs and more corns and cracked heels than one nineteen year old should see in her lifetime...to the Chanel counter to be drenched in delicious scent. I walked away feeling utterly sophisticated with my eponymous black bag with white writing dreaming about my next Chanel purchase...a bouclé jacket (for the record...hasn't happened yet!)

For Mothers' Day this year I made my lovely Mummy a Chanel copy (I refuse to use the word "fake"!!). She's been eyeing them off in the shops for a while but hadn't quite found one simple enough for her trés chic taste. Enter virtuous daughter, bouclé on sale at Spotlight (yes I returned!!) a few hours buzzing away happily on the trusty Janome ét voila.....one Chanel jacket!

Madam Chanel...what a creative genius! With her shrewd eye, nimble fingers and characteristic embroidery scissors hung about her neck she single handedly changed the face of woman's fashion. Her use of jersey, the classic white and blue striped tee...and the bouclé jacket. A style that seems to be reinvented year in, year out. And one that looks stunning on my gorgeous Mum.

I have to admit that fashion is one of my true loves. I have also been know to create outfits a little bit "out there" for patrons at our local shopping centre on Pension Day. Never tarty...but a wee bit avant garde. I love fabric, texture, shape and all the glorious combinations concocted by those ever so talented people, fashion designers and have never been afraid to push the envelope. Lucky my hubby understands my style...even loves it (his words).

"In order for one to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." said the famous Ms. Chanel. Words I like to live by. This week, step out of your comfort zone and do something different.

Go on...I dare ya!


  1. Oooh that jacket is gorgeous Steph. Tres magnifique!

  2. Did someone say Chanel? Ah, who doesn't love Chanel.

    That jacket is gorgeous! I love the classic look too, so does my mum.

  3. Words to live by indeed! Thanks for the inspirational post - nothing beats individual and creative women (a bit of class doesn't hurt either) :)

  4. Oh WOW! Steph! You're a genius!! Your mum must be so proud! (and happy with her gift!)


  5. that jacket is gorgeous! you're so clever i'm sure your mum loved it! : ) p.s dare accepted ; )

  6. My English Grandmother always wore Chanel No5, the one and only scent she ever wore.
    I wear Coco Mademoiselle and 31 Rue Gambon by Chanel (My favourite scent of all!) When I was in my twenties I used to wear Chanel No19.

    Lovely jacket, looks beautifully made!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  7. im loving the prettiness of this post.
    it appeals to my feminine side greatly.
    your blog is a bit spiffy too btw!
    i rather enjoy it!
    have fun being lovely! x

  8. Love love love the jacket....

  9. Oh I bet your mum was thrilled - it is one gorgeous jacket & you are truely one gifted lady!!
    Will certainly take up that dare too. My husband has said to me more than once about things I have created "Surely you aren't going out in that?" So I am guessing they must be different :) Lucky he loves me anyway!

  10. The title says it all! And that jacket looks great. Joanna

  11. Hi! lovely to meet you...
    and I've browsed this new post and some of your older ones....and I love what you do!
    your blog has a certain charm about it! I just had to follow you!

    have a nice day, and I do hope you'll come by and see me too @
    Creative Carmelina

    ciao bella

  12. Holy smokes, are you the cleverest or what!?

    I also spray myself liberally with scents at department stores. Somehow though I don't bounce away feeling utterly sophisticated...I just smell like I've been sampling all the perfumes. Perhaps there's a knack to it? Maybe you can teach me sometime...


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