8 May 2015


There is a stoneware vase of white roses on our dining table. Some petals are still velvety and unblemished whilst others are turning papery and transparent. They look a little flat after a week or so away from the earth and I can't help but droop with them in sympathy. This week has been a long one with lingering sniffles and a girl keen on asserting herself as she navigates the role of big sister. But ah, it's the weekend.

I'll fight the urge to write a list of plans as I do for the week. These be restricting on weekends and when left undone have a way of deflating, a feeling I could definitely do without. Instead I'll jot down a few intentions - a simple manifesto for the two days. May they inspire and motivate me.

  • For every negative thought, or case of the grumps I will drink a glass of water. As the weather cools I'm often neglectful of my water intake and the lack of it could be the very cause of said grumps.
  • Lie in child's pose for a time. Stretch my muscles, let my body sink into the floor and exhale. Smile.
  • Make a simple omelette and savour it with parsley from the garden and lots of cracked pepper.
  • Take off my shoes and run my toes through the cool sand in their sand pit. The combination of cold sand beneath me and a warm scarf about my neck will be sure to enliven the senses. Tea resting on the grass beside me and my knitting basket handy will make it all the more sweeter.
  • Watch Rachel Khoo and maybe, just maybe book in for that haircut. I had a fringe a few years ago and it might be time to embrace it again.
  • Buy fresh flowers.

Wishing you a gentle and light filled weekend.


  1. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! I really like the idea of writing a list of things to do on the weekend, because its far too easy to fritter away!

  2. You have a beautiful blog - glad to have found it via A Butterfly in My Hair.

  3. Just beautiful. Those intentions are perfect. I am so guilty of not drinking water and getting said grumps. I made a little tick list to make 8 glasses a day the minimum. Next stop, eating (more) of my greens. I missed visiting this space. Inspiring and beautiful as always Steph. I also missed blogs. Feels like home! xx

  4. Sounds divine. Thank you for all those reminders. They are much needed. Big love to you, wish we were just around the corner. xxx

  5. I love reading your blog. You always manage to make the profound sound so simple and fresh. I also need to let go of negative thoughts at the moment, as I am going through some worrying times during my second pregnancy. Keep positive, I tell myself, and you have helped a bit today, so thank you.

    Funnily enough, I have also been enjoying Rachel Khoo's cooking programmes :-)

    Sending you warm sunlight from the other side of the world (sunny Spain).



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