13 May 2015


silver crescents, her muslin blanket and earthen bowls for soup

Hanging from my earlobes are delicate silver crescents. Classic and beautiful, they bear the intricate markings of a maker.  Embedded in the small details and embellishments, the curves and the shine are not only the aesthetics of a jeweller but also, her journey as an artist.  The seed of creativity, the fashioning of raw materials into something practical and beautiful, the elation when a vision becomes reality and all the frustration when it just doesn't work.  There are many hours hammered into these small hoops and when I wear them I feel a connection to their maker, to humanity.

Lately I've been popping little pieces of handmade into my Etsy cart and eagerly waiting their arrival. Slowly, slowly I am replacing the worn, the broken and the down right ugly with pieces filled with soul.  Yes, pennies have to be saved to make these purchases but they speak of a shift away from the fast fashion, "use once and throw away" philosophy.  I'm really scrutinising what we use on a daily basis and keeping our possessions to a minimum. Pieces of superior workmanship are chosen with care to imbue our home with individuality; we're defining our own particular style away from a mass produced, cookie cutter aesthetic.  This conscious consumerism feels good.

When I eat soup in an earthen bowl made from locally sourced clay or when I wrap my baby in a crocheted blanket I feel the kinship. Makers creating with passion, honouring traditions and passing on their unique character within their work.  In an often disjointed and robotic world this connection gives me a real sense of peace.

* silver earrings by Christina Lowry Designs. The lovely Christina is offering a generous 10% off any purchases until the 31st of May using    the code LITTLEWREN.
* muslin baby blanket by Willaby
* ceramic bowls by Elke Lucas, Joseph Daws, Susan Simonini


  1. Melissa Louise20 May 2015 at 13:48

    Oh those bowls! SWOON!

    It has taken me many, many years to be able to resist the bargain bin and instead search for quality, handmade pieces that will last and last... In the end you save financially - but those discounts and sales in the big shops are so hard to resist!!

    My number one tip: Don't go to shopping malls! Only markets, second hand or makers shops for me - at least then any impulse buys aren't TOO bad ;)

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. There is just something so special about having and using a handmade item - plus you are supporting a life when you purchase handmade.


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