20 Mar 2015

head to water

Temperatures are soaring again and the landscape is harsh. By now,  Autumn's gentle ways should be lulling us into a time of inward renewal and hibernation. Evenings should be cool enough for a cardi but Summer refuses to leave. Bogged down in humidity we are all tired, cranky and stagnating in a season that has long overstayed it's welcome. So we head to water.

Cool water on hands and feet provide a tonic to prickly, sweaty skin and a welcome excuse to strip off.  Tetchy little ones are soothed with a handful of animals and timber bowls; a backyard savannah of sorts. And  frequent drinks of slightly chilled water with slices of lemon and cucumber help to hydrate and calm.

Tonight I will set out small tapas plates of  hard boiled eggs, olives, cherry tomatoes, hummus and sourdough bread with chilled slices of orange for afters. I will draw myself a cool bath come evening and wallow by candlelight, willing Autumn to show itself. Tomorrow we'll pack our fossicking baskets with flasks of iced peppermint tea and head to the creek. And if I forget the calendar and just accept the weather for what it is, I might just convince myself that this extended Summer is indeed a gift.

Has Autumn shown itself to you yet? What are your weekend plans?


  1. As I sit here and read this the wind is hurling through the windows and a storm is threatening outside. Maybe, just maybe Autumn is on its way. It has been an unually long summer and terribly humid here in Sydney too.

  2. And as you wait for autumn, we are awaiting the arrival of spring. I hope autumn finds you soon.

  3. Sounds like you are having a true Indian Summer... as long as your autumn gains a bit at the end, I suppose you won't feel too deprived of the chill. We live on the coast just north of Los Angeles, and so here, it is a kind of perpetual spring/summer, and I often long for the crisp, delicious autumns in the northeast I enjoyed for most of my life.

  4. We are in Tassie and desperately holding onto very last scrap of sunshine that we can. Yesterday was bitter. Cold winds with snow in them. But the sunshine returned for an hour or so today. Send us some of your sunshine and I will reply in kind with rain??


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