15 Mar 2015


" A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou -  She is eating so much at the moment. The teenage years have me worried!
Remy -   Snuggles on the lounge.
Inès - They comment often on her soft hands, soft hair, soft earlobes....

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.


  1. Holding hands... it melts my heart!

  2. So sweet. I love this. I have a question....I too have a little one of 3 months and 3 older children 8, 5 and 3. Do you experience your older two smothering the baby at times? I love how my 3 love their baby brother but I often have to monitor their kisses, squeezes, hugs, holding of his hands....and if the older three are sick I definitely would prefer they keep their hands off of baby brother until they are well. I don't want to restrict them or quench their love for him but I also want to protect the baby if needed. Do you experience this? How do you handle it.


Your words brighten my day! Thank-you so much for joining me on my adventure. x