7 Oct 2014

this girl - fabrik

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This girl is a wild one. Her wispy limbs are faintly painted in shades of maroon and purple from tumbles aplenty and band aids often adorn her knees. She plays hard and wears her bursting heart on her sleeve. Animated, passionate and at times, fiercely stubborn she is striding out into this world with confidence and determination. Caring little for what others think she dresses herself with abandon with one thought guiding her choices, adventure. And for that, I'm so thankful.

We've done our utmost over the years to shield her from advertising giants and the hard to avoid "Disney" effect by dressing her mainly in second hand clothes peppered with beautifully hand made and fair trade pieces. But as she grows the style of clothing available both retail and in op shops leaves quite a lot to be desired. Where once we could find delicate florals and a muted palette, there is an abundance of slogans, garish colours and sophisticated shapes and cuts more suited to teenage night clubbing than five year old adventures.  I fear that at such a tender (and impressionable) age she is already being coerced into a particular genre of dressing; one that isn't fitting with her vigour for life. One that doesn't let little girls be simply that, little girls.

This Summer she will climb trees, wade in forest creeks hunting for yabbies and inevitably scrape her knees. Her gender won't govern what she can and can't wear and we will refuse to let consumerism dictate her choices. She will wear cool, flowing garments that encourage rather than hinder her adventures and she will feel lovely in them.

Steph x

We were so generously gifted a Market Skirt in Garden Print, an Esther Lotus Print dress, and a  Bella Dress in Garden Patchwork from the beautiful people at fabrik and Bijou simply lives in them. We adore their environmentally friendly practises, commitment to fair trade and their playful designs. And for this brown readers fabrik are offering 10% off with the code THISBROWNWREN.


  1. These look great and perfect for your girl. I am finding the same thing. Dressing A is a challenge now and the preteen stuff doesn't gel well with either of us. I have gone back to sewing more for her and even cute little stores like fabrik don't cater for her sizes either.

  2. My pet hate? Dislike? Is little girls dressing as night clubbing adults. Our babies don't need this pressure. Plus I totally agree on anything with logos. Jarvis has been gifted what I deem a few inappropriate clothes, I cannot bring myself to allow him to wear them. They get given to the local op shop in the hope their is a parent who will appreciate them.

  3. Beautiful blog. I'll always remember my very deaf Grandpa, who couldn't hear a word I yelled, commenting with great excitement, "Listen, it's a Jenny wren!" Since then, the sweet little songster has also become one of my favorites.


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