2 Oct 2014


All has been quiet amongst these parts lately. Initially with a strong and growing baby constantly wriggling inside I couldn't summon the energy to string together a sentence of any worth. And then came the chaos and mad to-ing and fro-ing that comes with major life decisions. So I stepped away for a while. I needed a time of recharging albeit brief amidst a haze of to do lists, momentous cleaning tasks and many, many signatures.

You see, we're selling our house. This cottage that we've tirelessly renovated over the last years has provided at its most basic, shelter and warmth and at its deepest, memories, community and a solid foundation from which to build our gentle rhythms upon. But it's time to chase new dreams and write new chapters; it's time to move on.

I've talked about a tree change and although this next chapter isn't quite there, it's one step closer. The wish list is short and simple; close to the bush and preferably a creek, a distance shorter than the current thirty minute journey we make to school each day (another story altogether!), run down but with good bones and the potential to extend. A decent backyard with room for chickens and enough sun for vegie gardens...and maybe a dishwasher.  And fingers crossed, we think we've found it.

As building and pest inspections are ticked off and finances sorted we now begin the task of  working through our belongings, culling superfluous things no longer in keeping with this new path and lovingly packing up those dear to us.  It will no doubt be a slow process as my belly blossoms but one I'm strangely looking forward to.  No the timing's not perfect but life's tide is anything but predictable.

I've come to understand that living fully is not about convenience and comfortability but adventure, and what an adventure this will be.

Steph x


  1. Oh Steph how exciting for all of you, I am so happy for you embarking on your new adventure, a step closer to where you want to be. I wish all of you a smooth transition between selling and moving to your new home. I hope you are keeping well with your pregnancy and enjoying the holidays with your little ones. I look forward to hearing about your new adventure. Take care. xxx

  2. Steph! I am so happy for you, for taking that next step and following your dreams. We hope to do the same in the next few years and we couldn't be more excited. Much love to you. Melinda xx

  3. From the first glance at this beautiful picture - peachy rose, you are splendid - I knew this post would be a winner. I wish your growing family much luck for this move and the start of a new, peaceful AND exciting chapter. i always feel moved when I read the words of those embracing adventure.


  4. Adventure is good!

    The words "a solid foundation from which to build our gentle rhythms upon" just struck me as so beautiful. I fear our house of five have rhythms that are anything but gentle. Maybe that's just us, but I would like to slow things down. Not sure how...

  5. What a wonderful wishlist. I hope it is fulfilled and then some.

    ps gorgeous golden light in your photo. x

  6. It all sounds wonderful and exciting moving in the direction where you want to end up. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  7. How exciting! A new house and baby - you will be busy. I look forward to seeing the new place unfold into your home.

  8. So exciting - I hope it all works out. The photo is stunning - such a golden shot so full of promise!

  9. Exciting times my dear. What a wonderful adventure for you all. You are moving to the bush as we prepare for city living for a few years


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