1 Sep 2014


connecting -  In the daily to and fro of raising a toddler and a school aged poppet I've found it harder to indulge myself with baby thoughts throughout the day. Come evening when all is quiet in the house I draw a deep, warm bath, light candles and turn my awareness inwards. Buoyant and relaxed I have found the perfect place to watch this new life squirm about within and connect with my thoughts.  I follow with a slow, tender belly massage using an organic coconut oil and then head to bed. 

nourishing -  We've been quite literally through the wringer with nasty end of Winter germs.  Chicken broth with tiny cubes of vegies have become an at least once a day meal; sometimes there's ramen noodles, sometimes rice. Always, there is plenty of garlic and a grating of warming ginger. 

reading -  Spring is the perfect time for picnics and I've got a long list of cakes from Love, Bake, Nourish  that I'm eager to make (and eat!). Tell me, do you read cook books like novels too? 

creating -  Finding inspiration here I've have begun the momentous task of collating (and finally printing) family photographs. Poor little Remy doesn't even have a baby album!

nurturing -  Sandals are beckoning as the weather turns warmer and Winter toes are not looking their best. While I am still able to reach them I am giving my feet a good slather with a homemade sugar scrub and then adding some vibrant colour

listening - I'm waking earlier lately and rather than jumping straight out of bed and getting the day started I'm listening to morning bird song as the sun comes up. Welcome Spring!

Steph x


  1. Yes! Cook books are one of my favourite things to read xx

  2. Oh, sweet mama-t0-be you've just reminded me about Love, Bake, Nourish! I have been meaning to pick that one up for ages now. Sending you lots of love! xo


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