31 Aug 2014


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou - Those starry eyes and that smile are for her Papa bear; she's besotted with him. 
Remy -  He sing songs most conversations lately and we've found ourselves joining in.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.


  1. My kids just made that exact same sword from the Children's Festival today... You too?

  2. Yes! Wasn't it the most beautiful day?! We drank far too much lemonade and drove home full of stories. So lovely xx

  3. We were there today too (and yes also made swords, dug for gems, climbed the rock wall, listened to music, ate yummy curry and generally had a lovely day). Saw your little family and wanted to say hello. Recognised your kids, wasn't sure initially where from just looked v familiar so was doing the mental gymnastics of hmmm swimming lessons ? No dancing ? No.... then spotted your Canon and realised Ahhh of course. From this space and the 52 Project - but then wasn't sure how to say hi there I'm one of your blog followers and have loved your 52 photos for some time ......without sounding all stalkerish. I'm sure there is a way but words failed me. So hello! And any tips on the how to for future real life encounters most welcome.

  4. It was beautiful. I ate the most delicious caramel banana cake. Yum. My girls tie-dyed and scaled rock walls. The music was lovely. I bought some wool and some wooden needles with gumnut ends. Felt like summer. Weird to have our real lives cross over!!

  5. So lovely that she adores her dad, father-daughter bonds are so sweet.

  6. Oh what precious possums! Big love to all xxx


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