8 Jul 2014

winter - into the wild

This time of year in all its tea drinking, blanket wrapping ways nudges us inside for longer periods of the day. King Winter blows windows closed and air, although infused with sandalwood, spice and warming soups, can become stale. Moods can sour too.  So on crisp mornings we pack a thermos of something warming and nourishing to drink, don thick socks, knitted woollens and gumboots and head out into the wild.

Under a canopy or the clearest blue we set out. Open and sun dappled walking tracks lure us and without the burden of Summer's humidity we walk further and discover new little woodland nooks to fossick about it. Limbs move quickly and sporadically in response to the cold; we exhale hot breaths into the cold air. But it isn't long before the gentle exertion warms our bones, turns our cheeks pink and we start to explore.

Nature's palette is subtly altered and wildlife is quieter and more elusive now. Our eyes become sharper as the minutiae about is less vivid; we have to search harder.  But it's there. High up in silver leaved gum trees the flying foxes are napping, their calling less squabbly and raucous at this time of year.  Male brush turkeys never cease their incessant mound building and the tiny black specks of native bees buzz in and out of a giant, ochre hued tallow wood tree. She finds a crumbled piece of abandoned termite mound and claims it as a treasure. He is content with a stick and a speckled leaf.

On these days we step away from all that is structured and organised and wind our way through tangled, growing places. There is no right or wrong way of being just instinctive exploration and natural fascination. We fill our lungs with clear air and blow away Winter's cobwebs. We walk into the wild.

Steph x


  1. Are you in Sydey? Where so you walk? My boys have just got into bushwalking in a real way (I've always loved it) and we're looking for local-ish walks.

  2. Fresh air does wonders for the soul doesn't it? Beautifully written as always x

  3. Such beautiful, inspiring writing. thank you for sharing!


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