14 Jul 2014


Lately ....

She watches the clouds from a shady spot on the grass,
We decorate the front doors and windows with snowflakes,
Ruby red strawberries are being picked in abundance,
Woollen projects are dotted about the house,
Good coffee and pastries are being savoured in the Winter sun,
Little pots of homemade yoghurt are filling the fridge to bolster tummies against seasonal maladies,
Grand tree shells become homes for forest sprites,
Earthen cups are filled and refilled with tea.

What have you been doing lately?

Steph x


  1. such beautiful images,
    here we are strawberry picking, enjoying summer!

  2. Delightful :)

    Just wondering where those pots are from for yoghurt Steph? Such a perfect size!

  3. beautiful images steph. i've been thinking of making our own yoghurt - is it tricky? flick x

  4. Would also love to read of your homemade yoghurt! Your pictures are always so lovely and dreamlike :)

    Sophie xo

  5. Beautiful photos Steph, have you thought about doing a post on basic photography, which camera you use, tips and tricks for beginners?? Hint, hint :)

  6. such a dreamy collection of black and white steph! Bijou looks captivated by her imagination and I love your little jars of yoghurt! Sending love and hugs xx

  7. black and white is the best. everything in your lately looks amazing. we have been eating hot soups, staying under blankets and soaking in the winter from behind closed doors waiting for the flus and coughs to exit our home! xx

  8. filling my non-earthen cup with much tea. and being surprised I'm surviving a melbourne winter!


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