23 Jun 2014

small changes

I can't quite say when our life philosophies shifted. Perhaps with the absence of a second wage it was necessity, the mother of invention that led us to explore alternative ways to living, re-using and making do. But most likely it was Sir David Attenborough's bleak response to a nagging question that shifted our mindset so drastically and paved the path we now tread; to lesson our impact on this planet.

At a question and answer evening we were privileged to attend, Sir David,  when asked whether he had high hopes for the survival of earth and it's inhabitants, flatly answered no. It was his next words however, that were so profound , "It is not the work of big business nor governments that will effect the most powerful change when it comes to "saving" the earth, it is quite simply the day to day actions of each and every human being on this planet...the day to day actions." Darren and I walked out from that discussion both humbled and incredibly empowered.

And so, little by little, we have scrutinised how we do things, what we use, what we eat, how we function within our four walls and beyond into the community and greater world. There has been no revolutionary sweep of transformation mandated immediately but a series of refinements. Mostly they incurred no cost and required  little more than minor effort and a change of perspective; small manageable changes. I really look forward to sharing them with you over the coming weeks.

Steph x


  1. Wow what a statement - not big business or governments but us each person! Looking forward to see what you share.

  2. I love David Attenborough. He's amazing - I'm looking forward to reading all about what changes you made, too.


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