25 Jun 2014

feeding myself

Truth be told, Darren and I ate our way around France.  Sure, The Lonely Planet was consulted  for "must sees" and many an iconic tourist attractions were chalked up. But for the most part, we ate. Quite frankly, it's almost impossible not to! Such is the nature of a nation of food lovers.  And while I will always be happily tethered to my homeland in body and spirit, a culture that holds food in such high esteem certainly has my heart.

I have memories of watching elderly men debate the merits of one goats cheese versus another. My school girl French stumbled through the gushing but their body language alone conveyed this conversation was filled with much passion and knowledge.  Spurred on by this lust for food we in turn morphed into connoisseurs of all things culinary on our driving holiday around the country. No meal was rushed and even the odd takeaway "sandwich de jambon et fromage" was mindfully produced with exceptional ingredients and the quintessential French flair.

But what with school schedules, a tired toddler and a befuddled brain, weary from much homemaking I have let my taste buds down in favour of convenience. Although my little people have rather adventurous palates weekday lunches have become a little lack lustre; healthy, but on the boring side. So, in honour of my "everyday creative" mantra and in homage to the many magnificent lunches I had in France I have decided to pass on the crust less egg sandwiches, veggie sticks, fruit salad and yoghurt gracing Remy's lunch menu and cook up simple, albeit delicious treats for myself.

With my little man asleep for an hour or two, these are some of the the quick, nourishing and taste bud enlivening meals I have been salivating over:

- Bruschetta. Even though the wind outside is declaring Winter's arrival my sourdough toast rubbed with garlic and topped with chopped tomato, sea salt, basil and olive oil is a Tuscan Summer still life.

- Sauteed kale, garlic, a whisker of chilli and a dash of tamari and a fried egg. Hearty and warming and delicious to boot.

- Pan fried Swiss brown mushrooms with hot buttery rye sourdough and chunks of feta or goats cheese and a fine sprinkle of lemon thyme. This Meridith Valley one is heaven in a jar.

- Soba noodles with something green thrown in at the last minutes and finished off with a good spoonful of natural peanut butter, tamari and honey, loosened with a glug of the noodle cooking water. Black sesame seeds add a little crunch and a certain air of restaurant sophistication.

All delicious and simple lunches made with a minimum of preparation and fuss that have reignited my love of food. Do you have a lovely lunch you like to treat yourself with? Do you make it often?

Steph x


  1. Mmmm your lunch ideas sound delicious Steph. Lately I have been enjoying having some toasted bread with a boiled egg, some spinach with tomato or even some avocado. And today I have some left over savoury muffins from dinner last night heated in the oven with butter on top:) Thank you for the lunch inspiration. Have a lovely day. xxxx

  2. Inspiring! I have very boring lunches- melted ham & cheese on crisp bread today. I would much prefer something thst you've made here :)

  3. Hello Steph, from another Steph living in France!

    I must admit that our weekly trip to the covered market here in Tours is a true delight for all our senses and the best thing, aside from arguing over the merits of each goats' cheese, is the pleasure of meeting other enthusiastic eaters who share with an open smile their recipe ideas whilst standing in line. The French can be pretty reserved as a nation but when it comes to food they become deliciously gregarious.

    Having said that, there are plenty of people in this nation of ours who do not honour their food and think nothing of sliding a slice of processed ham into their cheese and ham sandwich.


  4. Yes, inspiring you are my dear, That bruschetta looks good, and so simple! I usually have mine with Vegemite! Boring!! I so need to spruce it up a bit! Have a lovely one ! :)

  5. your choices sound wonderful, it is so easy to fall in a rut, we need to wake up our taste buds now and then!!! Your adventure in your earlier years sounds amazing!!!! I have been on a salad kick, its summer here in Canada, albeit a very short summer for us in this Northern Province but still summer!

  6. hi Steph. i come here often but never really comment. my favorite and easy lunch meal to make for myself is a vegetable quinoa with fresh avocado sliced on top. it is easy and after i am done eating it, i feel full in a light and healthy sort of way. although these days i have been making a lot of baby arugula salads. i do like your lunch ideas and may try them!

  7. I just love Meredith Valley Goats Cheese....soooo good! I'm trying to eat lighter in the evenings so finding that I really want to make something delicious for lunch - thanks for the inspiration - I'm definitely going to try all these, Flick x

  8. I struggle with lunch. I want something exciting, warming and nourishing but lack the inspiration and time, rushing to feed little ones but neglecting myself. Your lunch choices sound amazing x


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