21 Apr 2014


nourishing -  A nasty tummy bug swept through all my loves so gentle, easy to digest soups have been called for. We've been supping home made chicken broth with tiny cubed vegies and rice or noodles, drinking lots of water, and sleeping.

reading  Rhonda Hetzel's Down to Earth is much loved and I turn to it often for inspiration, for recipes and to remind me why we're embracing simple living when things are a little trying. 

creating -  I've got a load of vintage flannelette waiting to be transformed into snugly Winter pajamas. Pastels and florals and soft as snow...I hope there's a little left for me.

nurturing -  Warm washers drenched in lavender water, sunshine imbued sheets, open windows for fresh air and plenty of cuddles to soothe tender tummies and souls. I've been spraying my "germ killing" concoction all about the place too.

watching - The sky's hue has changed; the blue is deepening. When there are  no clouds the sky seems to reach up forever. 

Steph x


  1. hope all returns to normal quickly, we use the same remedies in our home, with ginger as well, its so sad to see our babies ill, thankfully they are on the mend, take care,

  2. I am reading Down To Earth too! I recently purchased it and have been enjoying it immensely. So much wisdom in those pages. I hope you are all feeling better soon xo

  3. Oh Sunny and I have been battling that same bug :( Chicken soup has helped settle our tummies. I hope your little ones are feeling better soon.

    Sophie xo

  4. Beautiful Steph. I hope your loves are well and truly on the mend. Not a nice way to spend the Easter weekend but the chicken broth, water and sleep would have done all of you a world of good. Can't wait to see your soft as snow winter jammies. All my love. Melinda x

  5. Hope that you are all better soon. Tummy bugs are not fun. I have not managed to find vintage flannelette sheets yet - sounds divine!

  6. Oh no, tummy bugs are the pits. With the love that you are stewing around everywhere though, I'm sure they'll be better in no time:) What a gorgy mum you are. x

  7. oh i love Rhonda's book too! such good go to book when needing some inspiration about simple living! hoping all the tummy bugs have vanished! must email you soon….so much to catch up on xx


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