14 Apr 2014


connecting -  It's school holidays here and so delicious to have both my babies close by. We're planning a few small adventures but mostly looking forward to slow days at home.

nourishing -  The weather has turned slightly cooler so I'm savouring beakers of herbal teas. Chai and ginger are helping to convince me that Autumn will show her true colours soon. 

reading  I've bought a few back issues of Taproot and have relished it's gentle ways.

creating -  Quiet days at home have had me reaching for my knitting basket. With a "Granny's favourite" cardigan completed for my honey girl and plenty of snuggly grey yarn left, I've cast on a Tama for the little man. They'll be twins.

nurturing -  Breakfasts have been all about sourdough toast, ricotta, honey and chia seeds.And a cup of tea of course.

growing -   Neglecting, rather. Those wispy maiden hair ferns I boasted about are on their last legs. A good hair cut and some time outside in a cool, sheltered spot should hopefully do the trick. 

listening -  My babies have loved their time together again and there has been a lot of giggling. Some fighting, but mostly giggling. 

Steph x


  1. I'm still looking (hopefully!) for the first autumn leaves - but the cool has finally come here and it's so welcome!
    Such a a lovely, nourishing post - I can almost taste the sourdough and chai! Mmm...

  2. they will look so cute in their cardigans, beautiful, as long as there are brothers and sisters there will be some squabbles, its practice for the real world, I like to think we learn our arguing and negotiation skills on our siblings, lol, have to practice on some one!!!The tea and toast sound lovely,

  3. I still love to have my babies close by and they are 13 and 16. A great idea getting some back issues of Taproot. I got the first four but haven't bought any since. I do love it though. Do you make your own ricotta? I made some a couple of weeks ago. It was so easy and yummy. Hope you have a lovely week. Enjoy the holidays. xxoo

  4. So beautiful! Yum, you've inspired me to get my chai making on! I just stumbled upon Taproot the other day. Really looking forward to checking it out. Have a beautiful week lovely! x

  5. You and your knitting skills. Those babies are so blessed. I too, have been neglecting a few plants around the house!

    Also, thank you for the new breakfast idea! xxx

    So much love.


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