19 Dec 2013

sewing lessons

I can almost see the spark of a great idea ignite within her.  Mid play she'll pause, cock her head to the side and then in a flash, leap up in search of the perfect bit or bob.  Hers are ideas of creativity, colour and generosity with little to no thought of practicality. And that's exactly how it should be on this stage of her journey. She designs elaborate garments and props for play and never once considers that they are simply unachievable with the tools and materials she has. Her abandon for commonsense is both beautiful and enviable and I often wonder what we as adults could achieve it we were not burdened with the thought of "Will it work?"

I feel my role at this stage is not to stifle this ferocious and awe inspiring imagination with design rules and regulations but to gently guide. I aim to sew tiny seeds of reasoning as we juggle the translation i.e making what's in her hands look the same as what's in her head. There is always talk of safety and I often use the phrase, "sometimes people who sew like to do it this way". Makeshift patterns are explored to hone in on an idea but more often than not her mind coupled with the medium she is working with leap off on a completely different tangent and something new and wonderful results. When all else fails she reaches for the sticky tape and all is well.  I am simply amazed by her tenacity.

I  watch her create with her hands, bring her wispy ideas down from the clouds and mould them in the now. The joy as she snips the final threads on a new creation is palpable and it reminds me to fill my hands with needle and thread again soon. I foresee us working together on grand projects some time in the near future and rejoice at the thought. Perhaps a little sewing machine of her very own may be a fitting gift for her 5th birthday.

Steph x


  1. Her focus is amazing to me. If only my boys would be so inspired! My nana taught me how to sew and I am forever grateful. x

  2. That first picture is the sweetest one I ever did lay eyes on! My Sunny Aires Hey machine and she sits at our coffee table which happens to be the right height for her! Happy sewing little Bijou xxx

    Sophie xo

  3. because of your adventurist spirit this child will know no limits, thats a wonderful thing, she will be allowed to blossom naturally, the way it should be, best wishes to you this holiday season,

  4. omg she's so brave, i'm still afraid of the sewing machine that i can't even try to use it, still hand sewing :/

  5. What a wonderful way to encourage her creativity, my daughter was sewing from an early age, they just want to make things the way you do, whether it is sewing, knitting, gardening ,cooking, etc.
    I don't know what you will decide for her first machine, childs toy size or full size, but when she is ready for a full size you can't do better than an old second hand Bernina, you can't kill them, they were built to last and work well for a lifetime, Swiss engineering. I have a 1968 model, bought used, 20 years ago, and my daughter has one from the 70's. bought second hand when she was 13, our local sewing shop always has trade ins. It may take a while to find one, but well worth the wait,


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