20 Dec 2013

candy canes and calm

As she threaded first a red bead and then a white I sipped a hot cup of tea. Shoulders were lowered and a calm fell about us.  With the sun still too hot outside for our delicate skin and babies on the prowl for entertainment we pull out glue, glitter, paper and twine and create together.  By keeping the activities fairly simple we have carved out a slice of quiet each day that soothes during this whirling time of year. Spending time on simple creative ventures and stepping away from the tinsel clad mayhem has helped to affirm what Christmas really means to me. 

Sadly this time of the year has become less about the giving and more about the hyper organisation, the styling and the fanfare. I am doing my very best to rebel against the perfectly laid table and refuse to let Christmas become a competition. Gift giving for friends and relatives has been down sized  in an attempt to return to a time when one thoughtfully chosen (or made) gift was not only deemed enough but was accepted with excitement and grace.  And simple offerings of home made jams, shortbreads and bath salts in higgledy piggledly baskets will be handed out with love and a good dose of Christmas cheer. 

Perhaps it's an avoidance technique, turning my back on the "to do" lists around me but I'm choosing a quieter, simpler Christmas this year. We are in our small way creating "peace on earth" at home. Our daily creating time has evolved as a result of this simplifying and it has become a way to celebrate this wonderful season and bask in each others' company. Our home is revered and conversations flow from Santa letters, to giving and ultimately gratitude. And amidst all the chaos that can engulf us at this time of the year I certainly am grateful for the reason to sit, sip tea and create with my babies. 

Steph x

We made our candy canes with pieces of florist wire and small beads. A pair of pliers helped to twist the ends keeping the beads in place. We found the perfect hanging place for them here


  1. Beautiful Steph, I love everything about your way.

  2. I agree, beautiful, simple is always best, it can never be over done, lol!

  3. The ability to create with our little ones is such a blessing. Millie and I have been doing our fair share of Christmas craft over the past few weeks - while she doesn't sit for long, I really cherish the time we have together. Your candy canes are magical, such a great craft for little ones. Have a lovely festive season Steph. Melinda x

  4. Thank you so much for this post.We moved house a week ago, so you can imagine the mess. There is no tree this year and I have returned from a shopping trip for my 5 month old daughter empty handed. It seems there will be no gifts from Santa, or even her parents. No, she won't care and she wants for nothing, but I wanted her first xmas to be different. You have gently reminded me to slow down, and not to worry about these things. We will be together. A family. And that will be enough. Have a wonderful festive season. ( sending you a virtual hug. I'm a hugger)

  5. Oh, I'm with you here. Simple, beautiful, easy. Christmas doesn't need to be frenzied. Sometimes less is more. I wrote about this recently - natural and graceful, that's what I strive for. Lovely to know others feel the need to slow down too. Besides, it really is about connecting xox

  6. Hearing you. It gets so crazy at this time of year doesn't it. I too down sized from what I usually do. The teachers all got the same thing. The man in Red stuck to the something to wear, read, need and want.
    We have a wedding in the new year to add to the Christmas festivities and extend our celebrations this year.


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