17 Oct 2013

the dream kitchen

My journal is filled with snips of glossy paper. Divine images of vast, airy kitchens I one day aspire to.  There are always white subway tiles, there is always timber. Open shelving with ecru toned stoneware and wisps of nature to bring warmth to all the white.  For now however, I content myself with simple pottering about my humble space.  The clink of beans in glass jars, a drawer full of soft, time worn tea towels and a growing collection of mismatched lovelies.  Lemon scented spray keeps everything fresh and a bowl of ripening tomatoes feeds the senses with its crimson vignette.

The dream kitchen is enticing but I think perhaps it is the ideal attached that so tugs on my heart.  A ramshackle wooden home with gaping rooms and jewelled windows flung open to lure in nature's scent. Long hallways to gallop along and a kitchen full of warmth; full of heart.  A vintage board of generous proportions always floured in readiness for bread or pastry. Some babies underfoot and others heard off in the distance, their giggles like tinkling wind chimes.  Rattan baskets heaving with the season's best and gleaming jar lined up in anticipation of sticky condiments.  Madeleine Peyroux's velvet voice lulling me as I stir and dice.

A simple life where a gentle rhythm unfurls with the kitchen at it's core. A calm heart beat of nourishment where family gathers to break bread and share stories. I think it's slowly coming together ; my dream kitchen.

Steph x

Using some air dry clay I made some little labels for the growing collection of legumes, grains and seeds that comes with a blooming wholefoods kitchen. Beautiful wooden printing blocks from Kith and Co and vintage doilies were gently pressed into the edges of small circles. When dry, I stamped them with simple names using  kikki k alphabet stamps and hung them with twine around all my jars.


  1. My dream kitchen sounds very similar.
    I haven't worked with air dry clay before. The tags are beautiful. they would make sweet little Christmas tags too. x

  2. my dream kitchen sounds very much the same, but I do love yours.. I get the same feeling from these photos - natural, warm and calm. Looks like you're very close to what you dream.

  3. Your dream kitchen sounds a lot like mine. I adore your clay tags. Just beautiful.

  4. I too, am torn between the kitchens of white subway tiles and more weathered and humble spaces. Yours looks like a space that would be perfect for stories told over pots of tea and homemade yummy things. Definitely a dream kitchen. Belinda x

  5. Love your tags, just beautiful & so simple.
    Love your words too.

  6. Hi Steph, forgive me if my comment appears twice (something weird happened when I tried to comment the first time so I don't know if it went through)!!!
    I adore your labels and can't wait to give air-dry clay a go. I hope your week has been all kinds of lovely!
    Melinda x

  7. Whoo hoo! it's so good to be back visiting you again Steph! internet connection has been a horror here in the country! I can't even get ADSL yet, so I'm on a portable wifi! These clay tags are adorable darling! Just the thing to add a touch of delight to any kitchen! wishing you delightful days xx

  8. really lovely - I am just about to make the same things for christmas gifts ( you inspired me last year to make christmas tags!)


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