27 May 2013

guest post - the wholefood mama

The beautiful Nikki of the wholefood mama invited me to share some of our wholefood budget ideas as part of a series on feeding you family wholesome food on a budget.  Nikki has a wonderful and inspiring blog where she shares delicious wholefood recipes and generous links. She is a gentle, kind soul and I'm delighted to have met her (if only in a virtual sense).

Wishing you a calm and bright Monday afternoon.

Steph x


  1. so inspiring, steph. i loved this post x

  2. I love reading Nikki's posts...will head over right now!

  3. thank you Steph so much for this post and for sharing so honestly on my blog. Love your work! x

  4. Loved that! It's ever a challenge to spend well, eat well. Thanks for sharing.


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