6 Mar 2013


Rain continues to fall with no real end in sight. It's gentle pitter patter has become a background sound that barely warrants registry and the accompanying dampness pervades all. Mould spores are multiplying before our very eyes and hence clove oil has been purchased and swabbed about. The ground is swollen and boggy and the grass and leaves shine a vivid green. Our basil has gone wild fueled by this deluge yet our zucchinis have given up the fight against the sodden soil. 
With this incessant rainfall our daily pottering has swung from mostly outside fossicking and exploring to steamy windowed, cup of tea at our sides indoor pursuits. We have baked, we have sewn, we have completed puzzle upon puzzle. And when the dreary skies have infected not only our eyes with their sombre grey palette but also our moods...we make rainbows.
Gently we pour water into small glass vessels. A tiny dab of rich pigment and a tame swish of a paintbrush brings watery colours to life. Our vibrant brews will last for many painting adventures, their mother hues..a lifetime.The table is laid with all it's necessary accoutrements; a tea towel, a damp sponge on which to dab our brushes, clean water and one or two generously bristled brushes. Our watercolour paper is dampened slightly with a wet cloth and we ready ourselves for colours to dance.
Poems have been collected and concocted and when gently spoken whilst the brush explores it's first paint pot they provide a seed for creativity. Sometimes all out colours come out to play, sometimes just a few special friends. Through discussion we burrow into the very nature of colours; the way they transform, the moods they evoke, their warmth and coolness.  Many lively comments are made as hues marry together on the page. We are also often quiet, absorbed in wonder and the headiness aroused from creating. Always we are delighted.
Steph x

I've written our colour verses on card and tied them with string. Some we have made up together and others we have found in Painting With Children by Brunhild Muller. When we set up our watercolours I bring them out. Here are some of our favourites:
Blue had a party...he was the chief person. And now unto the party sped two new guests, yellow and red. They bring as is on a birthday due presents to the blue. They give a cloak, they give a rug to wrap the blue up warm and snug. The blue cried out, "What's happened here?" Orange and green did soon appear. And Violet too come stand by me. And be my friends you colours three.
See that blue as dark as night. A star breaks through of yellow light.
Today red, the magician is going around. Very soon the yellow he has found. And made him orange without a sound.
One lovely night if only you knew. Quick red, he played a trick on old blue. Old blue turned red and red turned blue. And no one could tell who was who.  But all that happened is the best of fun. And now they're both purple all in one.
When yellow found blue it called out, "Oh there you are. I was looking for you!". Then they laughed and threw themselves into each others' arms and they were so happy they turned green as grass.


  1. I was excited today that the rain stopped for awhile this morning.. long enough to get a load of towels dry without the dryer, yay! My girls were quite happy to be able to run around on the veranda for a little while too before the rain set back in again this afternoon.

  2. What a beautiful, gentle way of introducing Bijou to colour theory. I hope the sun comes out for you soon, send some rain down this way please!

  3. I've not come across this book before - lovely! We've had some beautiful art adventures lately too. I love that inspiration is endless in a creative world x

  4. this painting day looks so beautiful. thanks for turning me n to dragonfly. i think my kids easter toys might be coming from that lovely little shop.


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