2 Dec 2012


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week."

Bijou - A paddling pool, some wee chairs, a hula hoop, coloured silks and the magic of her imagination..... a mermaid's cave for my water girl.
Remy - He would stay outside all day. He cries when we come inside. Another nature babe? I think so.

Inspiration from this lovely soul.


  1. I'm really looking forward to starting the 2013 52 weeks of portraits. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Elaina xo

  2. what a fabulous mermaid cave- great idea! have a gorgeous weekend (what's left, anyway!) :)sarah

  3. oh how sweet! Yes, I've got two nature babes too...part of the reason why I can't wait to move to our large country block soon! Have a lovely week Steph xx

  4. Love the last one. So sweet.
    And a mermaids cave! Every little girls dream!

  5. Nature babies are cool! :)

  6. How adorable is that photo of her peaking out of her cave.
    Remy sounds like he really loves the outdoors.


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