24 Feb 2011

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Dr. Bijou rises at a respectable 7 am and wanders into the kitchen for a bowl of porridge, fresh berries and yogurt to sustain her for the gruelling day ahead.

She has a quick top to toe wash, changes out of her jim jams and says toodle-loo to her Mumma. First up, Miss Polly has a dolly who is sick, sick, sick! And she's called for Dr. Bijou to come quick, quick, quick! She grabs her bag and pops on her hat and she's out the door.

Later that morning, entering her surgery she takes a deep breath as she surveys the giant queue of patients waiting for her gentle bed side manner and medical expertise.

Lucky her receptionist has laid out her instruments. First cab off the ranks, one Ms. Rella. "Now what seems to be the problems Cinder?" queries doctor.

"Let's listen to your breathing, shall we?"....mmmmmm. Quizzical look from Cinders and head shaking from Dr. Bijou.

When Bijou began "playing doctors" we couldn't resist this little wooden set made from sustainable timbers. She absolutely loves it!! It came in a cardboard box which lasted all of a second so I'd been meaning to make a little bag for it. When I stumbled across this old calico bank bag in my mammoth clean out I remembered my "make do" motto for this year and promptly set about re-purposing it for Dr. Bijou. Trés simple!!

I'm off to have a lovely potter through all these creative blogs. Dr. Bijou on the other hand has the grim task of informing Ms. Cinder Rella that she indeed will not be going to the ball!!


  1. Love the Dr.'s wodden set! Very cute! The bag looks great with a makeover!

  2. Your little girls is tres mignon! Where did you find those divine natural timber medical set props?!!! they are fantastique. There should a be company which only sells natural kids toys. Much more preferable than plastic and primary colours. X

  3. So adorable!! She looks quite serious listening to Cinderella's chest, what was the diagnosis?? Bless her heart, what a gorgeous doctor's kit. My brother used to do this with a jug plug & grew up to be a surgeon, you never know!! Love Posie

  4. She is the cutest - we needed her here this week:) All on the mend - phew what a week - I have managed to stay away from it, must be all those manky kids I looked after for years before having my own:)

  5. these are just to cute ... i can see little Bijou is enjoying herself! x

  6. oh simply stunning steph!! i remember searching throught that website when we were chatting about Christmas gifts for our kids!! I love the little bag - much more Dr friendly i say!! Is it making her more calm about her own visits??? i do hope so.
    much love to you all xx

  7. How sweet! I just love the embroidered "sick face" complete with spots...

  8. Tres cool doctors kit! :) Hope miss Rella is better soon. I'm sure Dr. Bijou will have her on the mend in no time ;)
    Good re-purpose of a fabric bag.

  9. oh i LOVE this! i dont have any kids but i have bookmarked the link as an awesome pressie for the nieces :)!

    Thanks for signing up to the vintage sheet FQ swap! i am so looking forward to it :)

    Kellie xx


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