7 Feb 2011

Fancy Pants - It's a Dressy Affair

Whoa Nelly! This petit maison has seen its fair share of cleaning out this week. Not one corner has been (or will be) spared...including the back yard! And yes the walk-in-robe (that used to be the back stairs before Hubby extraordinaire converted it) was top of the hit list!

Both Hubby and I have quite serious hoarding diseases a hop, skip and a jump away from requiring psychiatric intervention. Ah but nothing a thorough, cathartic and major clean out can't cure. Carrie Bradshaw I ain't (nor does the contents of my cupboard house the entire 2010 Paris Fashion Week Collections) so it was time to let go of items I was keeping....just in case. Just in case the volumous grey bomber jacket that looked woeful on my twenty something frame would miraculously look fab on my now 34 year old post baby body! In case I started night clubbing again. Mon Dieu! In case I plan on becoming the oldest principal ballerina in the Bolshoi Ballet! Too-da-loo old clothes!

But then there are those items that you're just not sure of. Usually when conducting such an exorcism...ahem, I mean clean out, I would stuff said garments back in the wardrobe only to rediscover them next time we clean out. Not this time. All these things were popped in a box near my dressing table and I have forced myself to wear them this week....and see if they're worth keeping. The dress that can't decide if it's a top.....ta-ta! A hot pink frock too short to be legal....see ya later alligator. But this old Sportsgirl number. Teamed with a leather cuff and funky sandals to add a bit of edge I think I may just have breathed life into this old gal. Saved on death row!!

I'm playing dress ups with this lovely lady today.


  1. Ooh your dress is gorgeous...I adore that print and colour!! Definitely a keeper :)

  2. HAhaha - I had to laugh!! I did a MAJOR clean out on Saturday afternoon of my wardrobe - pulled it all out and got rid of so much "I might wear it again" type of garments - Oh it's so cleansing isn't it!! I love this dress - I envy you being able to wear blue - it's not a colour that I can wear - and it looks super comfy and so stylish! i love your idea of wearing some garments long forgotten about!!

  3. It looks great and just the dress for a hot and steamy day in down town Bris. Thinking that i might have ro do tge same and clean out. You would think that 7 moves in 8 years i would have learnt to let go:) Thanks for having us pop in this morning.

  4. I can see where your daughter gets her blue love from. I really need to cull like you are too. Only trouble is my big kids (20 and 17!) see things that are real Mum clothes and slip them back in the wardrobe even though I will never wear them again. Cherrie

  5. Oh, I'm loving this post. Good on you for having that clean out (and so beautifully explained!). There is something quiet cleansing about it, but so glad you kept the cuff, the shoes and that lovely dress. (But just quietly, I suspect you'd still look fabulous in that bomber jacket). Thanks so much for linking up. I'm loving your Fancy Pants. (And I'm complaining to Mr Linky about my linky issues!) xx

  6. oh well done you - but well worth saving that dress!


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