22 Sept 2015

spring - creating

It only seems like yesterday that I was steeping woollens in eucalyptus in preparation for King Winter's arrival. Yes he arrived, but didn't show himself too fiercely and has since packed his bags and departed.

Perhaps its our position on this swirling globe but the intensity of Winter in these parts can often be disappointing.  At its onset, eager lists are compiled and many a pattern is earmarked. Recipes are salivated over and the yarn and fabric stash are rummaged through with much glee and anticipation. But the dull skies and sluggish days can have me stagnate in indecision and a general "couldn't be bothered" attitude. And when the covers seem just that touch too heavy and our palates has become numbed to the flavours of stews, the first blossoms appear. Spring in all its rejuvenating glory has arrived.

It's funny how Spring's arrival often kick starts my sluggish Winter creating and focuses my attention on home crafts. Barefoot on the grass in the morning sun I feel a renewed sense of purpose, a commitment to my role here at home. Critical eyes are cast about the place and I see holes that need filling; much creating is needed. A few twirly skirts for my big girl in a dusky linen and polka dots, some cuffed pants for the little man and some floral bloomers for baby, because quite frankly a squishy, cloth nappied bottom can not have enough pairs of bloomers.

The washcloths are looking a little lacklustre so a few eco cottons have been purchased. These are mindless projects that can be be toted from the lounge, to the backyard for trampoline watching, and back again without risk of dropping stitches (and really who cares if it's wonky, it's just a dishcloth after all). I love these quick projects that give a stay at home Mumma some sort of gratification in days of seemingly unnoticeable achievements.

Whether it be the happy mess of wildflowers on the table awaiting my haphazard arranging, alpaca yarn on my needles or fresh seed packets brimming with life, Spring creativity is a force to be reckoned with. My fingers are itching and my brain is overflowing with ideas. Now to find that extra hour in the day.....

Steph x


  1. Love your posts.
    Would love to see your spin on the knitted dishcloth as I am sure you make it look beautiful. What ply do you use?
    X Rachel

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words Rachel! I've got a post coming about dishcloth as I think they are the best project for beginner knitters. This is the yarn I've been using http://ecoyarns.com.au/collections/cotton-yarn/products/naturtex-pakucho-organic-cotton-10ply Hope the rest of your week is lovely xxx

    1. Thank you. Look forward to reading that.
      Loving school holidays! X

  3. I am enjoying the warmer days too and the motivation it brings as well as the ease to return to the outdoors. I love the sound of your sewing projects for your little ones, they are very lucky to have a Mum like you. xx


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