26 Apr 2012

The Little Man's Playmat

Gorgeous Autumn days spent outside sipping tea, knitting, watching my girl potter and my little man explore the world....and his feet.

With the grass still damp from morning dew Monsieur Remoulade was in need of somewhere to roly poly about on and old paint dropsheets from the laundry do not a playmat make!

One sunshiney bright op-shopped doona cover, a vintage sheet border, two daffodil yellow vintage bath towels, some red polka dots and some rare time on old Jan thanks to the magic that is my hubby.

An outdoor play mat for Mr.Smiley to ponder the bright blue sky from.

We watch the trees, crinkle our toes in the grass and marvel at the ever changing clouds.

We listen to the rustle of leaves, the kookaburra laughing, the scrub turkey scratching about.

They explore, they play, they learn and grow...and I try desperately to soak it all in. Slow down precious ones!

Joining in with all these gorgeous goodies.


  1. Fabulous, Steph. And appropriately large. I couldn't stand all those tiny little playmates that one roll would see them off. Good size, colourful and fun. x

  2. Steph your little man is just the cutest little one I ever did see. That play mat is so very soft and squishy looking for your little cherub to roll around on. :) xx

  3. Oh he is just 100 types of delicious, well done on producing both that gorgeous baby and the playmat! melx

  4. A perfect play mat and the towels are perfect. He is just the cutest and that last photo just makes you melt - SO GORGEOUS!

  5. ohh Steph, your little guy is absolutely adorable!!!
    I don't normally gush over babies but he is just deliciously cute & smiley!!
    ohh yeah, play mat is wonderful too :) ♥

  6. This is all just utter gorgeousness! Look at how your little man is growing, and the beautiful mat you have made for him is divine. Sigh (with happiness). xx

  7. I could just jump through the screen and eat him:)
    The play mat looks great and big enough for mother and big sister to enjoyt he Autumn days. We are into jumpers, jeans and beanies in this part of the world.

  8. You make me want to lie on a playmat Steph. What a gorgeous little man you have xx

  9. Oh steph look how big he is!!! My little miss looks at the little photo you sent of remy and I tell her one day we will visit you all... Gee I think she will expect to see a newborn. What a delightful play mat... Why I hope you got down their for a snuggle or two and make shapes with the clouds!!! Love to you all xx


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