2 Dec 2010

Son Espace Créatif - { Her Creative Space }

An array of fancies adorned the table. A cornucopia of crafty goodness!

Afternoon nap sleepy dust still lingering on those jet lashes...she set to work.

With such intent she glued, she painted, she drew...she lived!

And me? I drank in every last drop of it and my heart sang!

A rainbow of Christmas cheer to brighten our window...

.....and to make us smile.

I do wonder what other festive magic has been whipped up over here?

Wishing you a glitter filled rest of the week.


  1. gorgeous Steph...things have been super busy! will email you for a catch up x

  2. Ohhh how delightful!!! I do love a good kids craft session ( a daily occurrence at ours) although perhaps not so well ordered and beautiful looking like Bijou's little set up! Love the little concentrating face as she focuses on getting that cotton bud filled with paint and glitter and creates a masterpeice!! What lovely memories they make too ;-) wishing you lovely crafty days for you xx

  3. Darling Steph! What a divine post. You have inspired me to get the pixies 'crafting' this weekend. Oh, and did you make Bijou's divine smock? I'd love to get one for Miss India. I'd love to know. J x

  4. Looks great - I am getting a pile of things ready for the kids to do while camping. Looks like she is having a ball - will have to find that playgroup that is PERFECT for us next year:)

  5. What a lovely, fun, crafty day. Yes, if you can put up with the mess (some days I can, some days I can't), crafting with your kids can be pretty great:)

    I love the finished garland.


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