17 Nov 2010

Vous êtes mon soleil - { You are my sunshine }

A giant merçi to all of you for my lovely birthday wishes! And especially to my gorgeous Melbourne twin, Bren for sending love by the bucket load through her blog. What a treasure! My wonderful, albeit sneaky Hubby sure did catch me out this time....and he never can! Usually I'm a right little Sherlock Holmes and Watson rolled into one.

We spent a heavenly day pottering around this old town partaking in a spot of shopping, coffees and cake, seafood buffet overlooking the Brissie River....la di dah! And not once did a pram wheel wedge into the gutter, nor sultanas spray throughout the shop to the disgust of fellow patrons. No demands for a "bock" (ice-block) nor to "war, war" (walk).For the first time in a long time Hubby and I were sans child...in the day! We didn't quite know what to do with ourselves.....at first!

All in all it was a blissful day. And the cherry on the top was this delightful print by illustrator Katie Daisy I'd been eyeing off that Hubby sneakily bought and framed up in some old skirting (skirting from our old lounge room....yes the house was indeedy orange!) We've hung it in the hall outside the bathroom and it makes me smile.....and hum, every time I see it.

You my Darren, are my sunshine! Love ya to Andromeda and back, you big spunk!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Glad your detective skills were slacking off a bit...

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Steph! Glad you had a fantastic day! Love your pressie ( what a good man!)

  3. Happy belated birthday Steph...we have been away and way behind on lovely blogs such as yours!
    I love that print...also made me smile!

  4. So glad you had a great day together - with out child during the day and being with my husband - nope - been to long - cant remember.
    Love the print and the frame - that will be something to remember the old place by when you move on.

  5. That print is d-i-v-i-n-e!

    Glad you were spoilt rotten by your adoring husband and enjoyed some time child free!! That orange skirting is just beautiful and complements the print perfectly and how nice to re-use a part of your un-renovated home. great memories.

    wishing you and your family a lovely rest of your week xx

  6. Fabborooni! This is an awesome print and your hubby must have a good eye-the frame is juts perfect...what a lovely day you had, belated happy birthday!


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